The Kosher Bunny

Just kidding. Bunnies aren’t kosher.

But in honor of Passover AND Easter (it’s all happening this week!), here’s an excerpt from Sue Fishkoff’s delightful new book, Kosher Nation:

On Avrom Pollak’s first visit to China for the [kosher certification agency] Star-K in the mid-1990s, he visited a plant that produced caffeine for export. At the end of his tour, he found himself in the front lobby surrounded by employees and company officials, all staring at him. “I got a sense that they were waiting for something to happen,” Pollak recalls. “They finally asked the interpreter, Where’s the rabbit? They had received a letter from their exporter that a rabbit was coming from America to determine if they’re kosher.” Apparently plant officials with limited English had looked up rabbi in their Chinese-English dictionary, and the closest word they could find was rabbit.

I smell a whole new spin on the Easter Bunny …

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