Choosing a Seminary

Me: Apparently the line goes, “Harvard faces the academy, Yale faces the church, and Union faces the world.”
Fiancée: So you should go to Union!
Me: I was not aware that you were willing to live on the Upper West Side.
Fiancée: Of what?

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4 Responses to Choosing a Seminary

  1. Jasmin Pellegrino says:

    I have been reading this blog end to end and I have no idea who’s writing it, but it’s truly spectacular.

  2. Jasmin Pellegrino says:

    Now that I know this is yours, I feel silly. Although I cannot delete my first comment. Whatever. You’re wonderful dahling.

  3. Mike Healy says:

    Signing uo to gete-mail when you post. Have a great weekend. Love, Dad

  4. Raisa says:


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