Reasons to Say Grace: Lazy Lunch

I eat this for lunch almost every day. Sometimes dinner too. Why? Because I am lazy. So simple; so delicious.

The secret of making Lazy Lunch taste good is using very fresh vegetables and the best cheese you can find. No Kraft allowed. If you can’t afford good cheese, skip it and call your dish “Vegan Supreme.”

Creature of habit that I am, I always use brown rice, black beans, and a mountain of cilantro, but you can dress this meal up any way you like.

Ingredients (for 6 lunches)
2 cans beans
1 box instant rice
Something with which to season the rice (I am a Yumm sauce diehard, but teriyaki sauce, salsa, or even olive oil and a decent vinegar will get the job done too)
4-5 cups fresh vegetables, chopped into bite-sized pieces (my favorite combo is pepper/mushroom/onion/avocado, but use whatever’s in your fridge)
Fresh herbs if you’re in the mood
Shredded cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Medium-sized pot (or rice cooker if you want to get fancy)
6 Tupperware-style plastic containers


1. Cook rice, according to directions on box. Don’t whine to me that you don’t know how to cook rice. There are directions on the box. Read them.

2. Open beans and pour into colander. Rinse under running water to remove all the salty canned-bean sludge.

3. Distribute ingredients among your plastic containers in the following order: Scoop of rice, dollop of seasoning liquid, scoop of beans, handful of vegetables, salt and pepper, handful of shredded cheese.

4. Stack in refrigerator.

5. To serve: Microwave for 90 seconds — just long enough to warm the rice and beans, melt the cheese, and lightly steam the vegetables. Mmmmm.

6. Say grace. My friend Shelly calls this her Carter Heyward grace:

Some have food; some do not.
Bless the revolution.

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